Financial Projection

It might be complicated to forecast your financial expectations before starting a business. You might need to understand the market, pricing, and inventory calculation. 

We understand your concerns and help you on each stage to clear the air. Before starting check if you have below information ready.

  1. How many screens you will start with? Do you have a contract with a screen supplier? Are you going to lease them or buy them directly?
  2. Have you negotiated with the local data provider for cost of SIM card? Did you ask for a discount for a bulk agreement?
  3. Make research to understand the average duration per trip and number of trips per day in a taxi or a car? 
  4. Do you already have an office? What is the cost of your ad sales and operations team? 
  5. Do you have sufficient information about your corporate overhead costs and taxation? Do you need a licence to sell and/or broadcast advertising in your country?

If yes, download the Excel document and insert necessary information to calculate your financial projection for calendar 12 months. If you need more assistance, we are always there!


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