Entertainment & Advertising Platform

We help the drivers to monetize their rides and brands to reach their next potential client. Advixta is a platform which provides software and cloud for drivers and advertisers. With this tool, you can build your business of media channel in cars by broadcasting advertising and entertainment. 


Android System

Turn any Android-based screen to an advertising machine. With Android, you have the freedom to pick any off the shelf Android device with a great choice of screen size and price range. 

Android offers incomparable flexibility and safety for applications like Advixta to deliver desired functionality. Manufacturers chose Android for tablets, kiosks, TVs, digital signage and Tv wall systems due to this fact.

Device Choice

CMS Cloud

Enjoy access to the cloud to manage and update your content from anywhere in the world.

With full remote management, you can control devices remotely to upload content and advertising easily.​

Cloud CMS offers the freedom to delegate tasks and responsibilities to your team members without compromising safety and collaboration.

Your files and information is safely stored, backed up and can be reached anytime and anywhere.

cloud Based

Secure cloud system to store, manage and share all your creatives, data and reports.


Integrate and connect to other services and supplier to optimize and save time.

Device management

Pair, monitor and diagnose all devices through the cloud and collaborate with team members


Build and share with your clients, advanced reporting with real-time updates.

Dashboard and Reporting

Get insights about the device use and campaign performance data easily through dashboard and reports.

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the devices and campaign performance. You can also create custom reports that allow you to dive deeper into specific data.

Custom Reports

Campaign Management

Monitor your ads with powerful systems in place. Use a combination of parameters like geofencing, language, and demographics to reach exactly the audience you’re looking for. Always access instant feedback from campaign analytics and reporting.


Advanced Integration

With the help of a simple yet advanced API, you can integrate other services directly with Advixta.

Have the power to push ads and pull statistics from our CMS directly to your internal system or dedicated server.

Web Applications