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Our mission is to shape the advertising industry by bringing another dimension to capturing viewers.

The Vision

As a young Swiss Company, we are motivated to use latest technology and industry requirements to materialize our mission. We are eager to research and find out missing parts in shifting advertising market and bring solutions right on spot. Through continuous innovation and a bit of imagination we have come up many keys to problems in existing media channels. And our latest achievement is to scale online and programmatic advertising to Out-Of-Home. Thanks to our skilled and innovation fueled team of specialists we develop innovative and visionary solutions for advertising industry.a

Advixta Brand

Advixta is a trade mark operated by Swiss company Zennous SA which owns all rights an operates from Geneva, Switzerland. 

The name Advixta is derived from words Advertisement and Taxi. The idea was born when a taxi company asked if it is possible to develop a solution to replace printed advertising to digital to avoid paper waste and enable placement of advertising remotely. 

The result turned out to be amazing. The framework has been built in such a way that additional functions can be added like Lego. 

Finally, it has become an interactive entertainment and advertising system with built-in applications and widgets.

Swiss Brand


As a digital marketing company, we help our clients to develop path-breaking solutions for their marketing needs, enabling them to capture new opportunities and strengthen their market.

By leveraging our know-how and technology, we make the hidden data accessible for our clients to drive their business, market their products and services, and differentiate their brand.


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