Freedom with features to deliver full service.

We have collected all cool features in one package for you. Take advantage of advanced features tuned by listening to feedback from our clients.

Offline Operation

Everything from the orientation of your vehicle to speed can determine the signal strength of your WIFI. That’s why Advixta clients and riders will never experience any delays, buffering, or interruptions.

Say goodbye to loading circles and blank screens. Advixta works offline by caching data on the device to maintain 100% uptime.

Works Offline
Programmed Sync

Ad Targeting

Take your message directly to your target audience for better performance and an increased return on your investment.

Geofence and trajectory with precision from 10 up to 10,000 m will make sure that your advertising plays only when the car is in range.

Groups and Demographics function helps to target a specific group of customers riding in cars classified like Basic, Luxury, Family,


Realtime Ad Performance

Follow and share your ad’s performance in real-time and quickly improve your strategy on the go. Create customized reports and share a direct link with clients for immediate feedback and automation.

Apps and Widgets

Access hundreds of apps directly on the Advixta platform. Everything from buttons to articles, news, tv, radio, weather, and much more is now at your disposal. With total control, you can customize the design, appearance, and behaviour as you wish. Take things to the next level and integrate what you want, when you want.

Video Stream
Audio Stream

Face Recognition

By using a next-level AI recognition software, Advixta will identify the presence of a rider and wake up. Meanwhile, it also detects when the rider is faced to screen and reports how many people have seen your ads. By tapping into an AI engine built to enhance profitability, you’ll experience powerful targeting, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Note: The system is fully compliant with GDPR. We do not store or process any pictures. The system only detects faces in frame of Google Face Recognition terms.

Passenger Detection
Proof of Impression