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Android Software

Integrated apps

Access hundreds of apps directly on the Advixta platform. Everything from buttons to articles, news, tv, radio, weather, and much more is now at your disposal. With total control, you can customize the design, appearance, and behaviour as you wish. Take things to the next level and integrate what you want, when you want.

Advixta Also Works Offline

Everything from the orientation of your vehicle to speed can determine the signal strength of your WIFI. That's why Advixta clients and riders will never experience any delays, buffering, or interruptions. Say goodbye to loading circles and blank screens. Advixta works offline by caching data on the device to maintain 100% uptime.

AI Face recognition

By using a next-level AI recognition software, Advixta will identify the presence of a rider and wake up. Meanwhile, it also detects when the rider is faced to screen and reports how many people have seen your ads. By tapping into an AI engine built to enhance profitability, you’ll experience powerful targeting, unlike anything you've seen before.

Remote device management

Utilize the power of the cloud to take control of your device remotely. Manage, control, restrict, diagnose, instruct, and follow up on your devices from anywhere in the world.

Blockchain protected database

By harnessing the blockchain, we’ll ensure that your data is as secure as possible. Having your data encrypted through the blockchain guarantees that each device is handled separately according to its settings.


Blockchain technology provides top security elimination possibility of manipulation of data in content.


Content database is divided to partitions and checked individually to avoid loss of data during transfer between device and server

Data Integrity

Content match is performed to make sure that data on device matches the server.


Content Management System

Cloud CMS

Enjoy access to the cloud to manage and update your content from anywhere in the world. With full remote management, you can control devices remotely to upload content and advertising easily.


Secure cloud system to store all your creatives, data and reports. Build, manage and share.


Manage accounts for clients, combine client data, analyse and optimize.


Enhanced reporting, real-time update, build and share.


Easy templates for layout, design and reports.


Programmable email notifications for offers, campaigns and errors


Connect and collaborate with other suppliers to augment profitability.


Monitor your ads with powerful systems in place. Use a combination of parameters like geofencing, language, and demographics to reach exactly the audience you're looking for. Always access instant feedback from campaign analytics and reporting.


Combine ads and content to create a versatile experience riders can’t look away from. With ready to use content, you can create your own video and audio channel streams. Integrate RSS and more to truly personalize the experience for riders.

News & Weather

Stay informed about daily news and weather forecast

TV & Video

Direct streaming from the source, TV streaming or cached video files.

Radio & Music

A radio stream or complementary music library will add joy to the ride.


Organize your devices into groups and separate them with presets. Create, manage, and delegate users with custom rights individual reports. Add users, organize their interaction, build hierarchies, and take total control in your hands.


Cross Platform Ad Units

Standard and unconventional formats

Leverage different ad formats to fit any android screen. By combining various video and image formats, you will create truly dynamic advertising campaigns.

Programmatic Ads

Publish your in-car ads at the same time as your internet ad campaigns to maximize your reach and dominate the market through programmatic ad servers.

Tree-based buttons

Use the layout space to add as many buttons, categories, announcements, articles as you want.


Assign click to action to buttons to open web pages and web application, play video or audio, open apps and widgets and many more...


Possibility to create unlimited number of categories and sub divisions thanks to tree-based structure.

Embedded browser

With the simplicity of an embedded web browser, you never have to exit kiosk mode. Set a timer to close the browser and return to the application. It’s as simple as that.


Seamless Integration


We offer a well-rounded solution that will allow you to utilize APIs to integrate your internal system to push content and ads right into Advixta. All you have to do now is sit back and monitor your analytics from a customized reporting dashboard.

Vouchers and coupons

With the integration of Apple Pay or Google Wallet, you can offer your customers effective vouchers and discount coupons through advanced QR placement. Earn more while doing less.

Integrate 3rd party platforms

Bring your optimized funnels and marketing channels to the rider’s experience. Take your sales approach to the next level by cultivating an in-car shopping experience to reinforce desirable buyer behaviour.

Integrate web based apps

Take advantage of a sophisticated built-in web processor that allows you to connect any web app, or game directly to the Advixta platform. Launch any software without exiting the software kiosk mode.

Booking and tickets

Use integrated browser to run web apps directly from service provider for ticket sales and booking restaurants and hotels.

Quiz and Games

Run web based games, quiz and other entertainment content directly from source without additional development.

QR and bar-codes

Use integrated QR and bar-codes to transfer vouchers, offers, websites and many more directly to mobile phone by camera.

Apple Wallet & Google Pay

Offer vouchers and discounts with Apple Wallet and Google Play easily with direct link from the provider.

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