Imagination is the limit

With smart features, you have endless possibilities to create a powerful tool to accomplish your mission. It is impossible to cover all applications but here are some clues on how you can leverage your taxi media to another level.

Use Your Brand

No need to pay a hefty cost for developing tailor-made software for your fleet. With Advixta you can create your own design and place your brand on the screen.

Whether it is a taxi, ride-share or limousine fleet, your passenger will get the best onboard entertainment and media channel.

Do it yourself. No tech knowledge needed!

Custom UI
White Label
Custom Design

Integrate web based apps

Take advantage of a sophisticated built-in web processor that allows you to connect any web app, or game directly to the Advixta platform. Launch any software without exiting the software kiosk mode.

Booking and tickets

Use integrated browser to run web apps directly from service provider for ticket sales and booking restaurants and hotels.

Quiz and Games

Run web based games, quiz and other entertainment content directly from source without additional development.

QR and bar-codes

Use integrated QR and bar-codes to transfer vouchers, offers, websites and many more directly to mobile phone by camera.

Apple Wallet & Google Pay

Offer vouchers and discounts with Apple Wallet and Google Play easily with direct link from the provider.

Vouchers and coupons

With the integration of Apple Pay or Google Wallet, you can offer your customers effective vouchers and discount coupons through advanced QR placement. Earn more while doing less.

Discount Coupons
Digital Wallet Coupons
Web Interface

Tree-based buttons

Use the layout space to add as many buttons, categories, announcements, articles as you want.


Assign CTA (Click To Action) to buttons to open web pages and web applications, play video or audio, open apps and widgets and many more...


Possibility to create unlimited number of categories and sub divisions thanks to tree-based structure.

Integrated User Profiles

Ride-hailing apps have become a global phenomenon. Work with the Advixta to securely integrate user profiles from your app to the Advixta content management system. When riders request a ride, we’ll tailor ads by pulling user profile information like age, gender, and destination for better ad targeting.

Ads on destination
Interest Profile
Profile Matching