Why to Chose Advixta?

Explore the benefits of working with Advixta and you will find out that there is no match to compare.

Licenced Content

Combine ads and content to create a versatile experience riders can’t look away from. With ready to use content, you can create your own video and audio channel streams. Integrate RSS and more to truly personalize the experience for riders.

News & Weather

Stay informed about daily news and weather forecast

TV & Video

Direct streaming from the source, TV streaming or cached video files.

Radio & Music

A radio stream or complementary music library will add joy to the ride.

Remote Device Management

Utilize the power of the cloud to take control of your device remotely. Manage, control, restrict, diagnose, instruct, and follow up on your devices from anywhere in the world.

Remote Managment
Kiosk Mode
Device Monitoring


By harnessing the blockchain, we’ll ensure that your data is as secure as possible. Having your data encrypted through the blockchain guarantees that each device is handled separately according to its settings.


Blockchain technology provides top security.


Avoids loss of data during transfer between device and server.

Data Integrity

Constant check to match device and server data.

Your Own UI Design

Turn your device into a revenue generating, white-labeled solution. Browse through our ready-made templates to design your very own stylish user interface for riders to explore. We’ll help you take advantage of a highly optimized design to draw riders in and captivate their attention.

UI Layouts
White Label

Embedded browser

With the simplicity of an embedded web browser, you never have to exit kiosk mode. Set a timer to close the browser and return to the application. It’s as simple as that.
Use the browser to open websites and web applications. Present booking, sale or shopping sites directly to the passenger. If passenger wants to make the purchase, he can use the QR code to transfer the site to his mobile phone and continue his payment and address input on his personal device.

Advanced API

We offer a well-rounded solution that will allow you to utilize APIs to integrate your internal system to push content and ads right into Advixta. All you have to do now is sit back and monitor your analytics from a customized reporting dashboard.