Sample Media Kits

Make sure that you have a very nice Media Kit before pitching to advertisers. It is a must to build clear and easily understandable presentation of your media. Advertisers will definitely check your Media Kit before considering placing their ads in your media. Here are the few important points to put your attention on:

1. Clarity:

Be clear in your pitching. Clarity is important for saving time and delivering the main message to the advertiser. Without clarity, your potential client may dissapear ever without feedback. Catch the attention from the first two pages.

2. Differentiation:

Showing the main difference of your media from other types is the key element. Explain all important advantages of your media, why would advertisers place their ads specifically on your channel. Put accent on 6 big advantages of the system.

3. Features:

Don’t forget to mention the cool features of the system that will help the advertiser to reach its goals. Mention geo-location, multi-format ads, real-time reporting, content to focus viewer and all other features that will help advertisers to optimize their campaigns and attract their potential clients.

4. Numbers:

Numbers are important. Sometimes number do speak for themselves. Show how many screens do you have and how many daily or monthly viewers does the media has. Calculate number of monthly trips for screens in the cars by multiplying, number of screens by number of average trips per day by days per month which would give roughly number of viewers. This number will get more precise after time by collecting reports from the system.

5. ROI:

Impressions and interactions are the base of ROI estimation. Therefore, show the potential amount of impressions and interactions that the advertisers will get. First you can use general statistics but by the time you will get real numbers from reporting system and you can update them.

6. Media Specs:

The media specs will change depending on the layout you use. For example you may use i1080 HD full screen or i720 HD video format whichever you chose. Make sure that you guide the advertisers properly on which type and what size media is available on your media.

7. Prices and Promotion:

Finally, set your pricing clearly. Regardless of size of the advertising budget, media campaigns, especially omni-channel campaigns are very well calculated in advance. Therefore, pay attention to the pricing to be precise and easy to understand. Show opportunities to set targets by impressions and pay in CPM or unlimited impressions during certain time period. Do not forget to offer discounts for long term purchases – long term relations with your clients are foundation of a any type of business.

Here are some example of Media Kits that you can use. Make sure that your enter correct numbers in the presentation. Please note that we cannot guarantee ad sale success as this completely depends on your performance. 


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