API Documentation

We love integration. Connect to Advixta through API and open opportunities for developers. 

The system interacts with external sources through a rest controller, providing control of incoming calls and working through a standard crud (create / read / update / delete). The implementation of controllers to work with rest requests are built in a separate module of the system: the classes are inherited from the abstract rest controller, working with its own representation class. All methods are versioned to support the old formats of partners’ access to the API system.

To start using API, you need to generate keys in My Company section of the CMS:

  • Public key – indicating that the user belongs to the system.
  • Private key – to sign the request and validate the request on the server side.

To do that, follow below steps:

  1. Go to My Company and click on REST API tab.
  2. Click Create Keys.

Key activity is tied to your activity – when you are disconnected from the system, the keys automatically become disabled. You can reissue the keys at any time in case the previous pair was compromised. The key release is available only to the user with the Partner Supervisor role and cannot be delegated. 

Download the PDF document for full API guide. If you need more assistance, we would be happy to help.


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