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All you need to start is an Android based device with installed Advixta application. It’s completely flexible, totally configurable and has a huge amount of on-board features to fit all of your needs: widgets, automation, API for third-party content providers, TV channels, RSS feeds, FTP content, Web apps and even much more!

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Advanced Features

Create and manage your advertising like a pro through a simple yet sophisticated, ready-to-use system. Elevate your passenger experience with smart entertainment content placement. Ultra responsive and failsafe IU even if the internet connection is lost. Energy saving mode and wake up by user detection with the camera.

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Marketing Tools​

With Advixta, you now have the ability to use advanced targeting strategies like online ads. Utilize a combination of different tactics to minimize cost and maximize ROI. Use groups and profiles to segregate car types and set geolocation to reach specific audiences. Advixta allows you to integrate directly with taxi-hailing apps and combine user profiles anonymously for even better precision.

Web Interface

Advixta Competitive Edges

The most common reasons why in-car advertising is more effective and
efficient than many Out of Home advertising channels.

Captive Audience

Passengers spend an average of 20 minutes in taxis being idle.

Uncluttered Perspective

Quiet and private space keeps viewers focus on your campaigns.

Strong ROI

Advertisers get detailed viewer count and playback reports.

Dynamic Ad Formats

This ultra-innovative advertising medium gives 98.5% of riders something other to do than look out the window.

Recall Rate

The taxi commercial recall rate is 40% – 50% vs average TV commercial recall of only 8% – 12%.

High Value

You are guaranteed a 99.9% higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising.

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Use smart advertising features and provide flexible advertising packages to your clients. Give them opportunity to pay per view and program their ads with targeting for effective consumption of views. Encourage your clients for small budgets with longer term contracts.

The most distinctive feature of Advixta is that, unlike other software, Advixta has its own ecosystem which allows it work offline as well. It has its customized structure which is transferred to devices rather than web interface which loads each page every time.

Advixta offers possibility to customize your layout, buttons, graphics, colors, brand identity and content. You can build your custom layouts as per your branding and promotion strategies.

You can update Advixta in silent mode without user interaction by using the Managed Google Play Enterprise. If Advixta is installed from Google Play Market it will be automatically updated when there is an update available. If you installed Advixta with APK file, then you need to go to settings on the devices by entering admin code and click on update the software.

Advixta software is compatible with all devices running Android OS. For better understanding we recommend to test and consult before going for bulk purchases.

Advixta uses camera to detect the passenger. This is necessary to wake up the device and understand if content on the screen is interesting for the passengers. The system is automatic and we do not have access or keep those pictures. 

Unfortunately no. Each country has different markets and there might always be a better offer from local distributors. Meantime, you have to choose the supplier with the best service after sale for technical support in local language and shorter distance. We can suggest models that you may find in your local markets but we cannot provide the device itself. As for the mounting accessories, they depend on the device you select. You may also freely decide the position of the devices in the car.

For security reasons Advixta locks down the device to kiosk mode to avoid passenger opening settings or other apps. Allowing other apps may compromise security and safety of information. Therefore, we do not allow the system to exit from Advixta software.