Why Advertising in Taxis?

Captive Audience

Passengers spend average of 20 minutes in taxis being idle. Perfect timing to deliver your message to audience.

Not Cluttered

Quiet and private space keeps focus on campaign. 97% of passengers interact at least with one of the advertisements.

ROI Measuring

Advertisers get detailed viewer count and playback report. QR code helps to track passenger interest about campaigns.


Interactive and dynamic advertising attracts audience to engage with campaigns. 98.5% of passengers do not mind watching monitors.

Recall Rate

Thanks to captivity and private interactions, taxi commercial recall rate is 40% – 50% vs average TV commercial recall of only 8% – 12%.

High Value

None of the advertisements are missed compared to other medias. We guarantee to show your ad and feedback with ROI.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Generate Revenue

Advixta is a result of researches in taxi media knowledge and studies carried out with taxi owners and operators. After eliminating problems and integrating required features, we have come up with a tailor-made solution to answer all requirements at once.

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Taxi Media refined

Advixta is an interactive infotainment and advertising solution engaging taxi passengers, advertisers and taxi operators in common platform. It is a combination of hardware and software developed to deliver entertainment and information to taxi passengers while enabling the advertisers to reach their target audience in a private space, meantime helping the taxi operators to leverage their service quality and generate revenue from advertising.

Infotainment for Taxi Passenger

  • Free Wi-Fi, TV. Radio, News and much more via fulltime unlimited 4G connection.
  • High quality material design packed with latest technology.
  • 100% in-house Swiss development.

Diversified and Smart Advertising

  • Multi-format ads, segmented announcements, conditional broadcast.
  • Focused advertising made from interesting content and delivered in personal captive environment.
  • Measured ROI, feedback and campaign analysis.

Unique Channel for Target Audience

  • Naturally segmented target audience.
  • Specialized announcement and space rental possibilities.
  • Integrated loyalty program and mobile application integration possibilities.

Designed for Taxis

Beautiful design and powerful software developed in-house with high-quality materials and Swiss precision, packed with latest technology and state of the art human presence sensor, shaped with tough structure, yet elegant. This monitor will help taxis to shift public perception of taxi services to the client-oriented level and will help to build client loyalty thanks to free extra services.


High-end 10” backseat infotainment system with 4G/LTE connection.


User-friendly interface and smart software with TV, Radio, Wi-Fi, multi-format content, data feedback and analysis.


Cloud based system with full remote management and update without manual interferance.

Tech Specs


High quality materials and reinforced metal frame.


Powerful 8 cores CPU, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory.


Dual SIM 4G/LTE data connection, NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Ambient light, proximity and human presence sensor.

Swiss quality and precision in media
Connectivity and remote control
In-house development


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely not. Installation does not need any technical knowledge. Mounting system is designed to be fitted in 5 minutes. Power source is from standard USB connection.

Content is updated from cloud through 4G/LTE internet connection at speed up to 150 Mbits/second. Once new content is uploaded to system, monitors automatically download and broadcasts according to predefined conditions.

The monitor is equipped with special sensors which detect human presence. Once the passenger enters vehicle, monitor wakes up in 3 seconds.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The hardware works only with dedicated software which needs cloud connection to operate. 

The monitor is attached to docking system by simple push of a button. Before leaving the vehicle, it can be detached and put in secure place or taken with you. On return simply attach back on dock and it will automatically switch on.

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