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Leverage A High-Impact Entertainment & Advertising Platform

Advixta is here to help both advertisers and publishers. We’ve crafted a solution to stimulate cost effective advertising and additional income source for drivers. By taking a comprehensive approach to in-car advertising, everyone wins. Our game-changing solution allows you to penetrate deep into the hearts and minds of riders everywhere. Enhance not only your revenue but brand recognition at the same time.

For Drivers

Additional income from trips
Entertain passenger
Improve trip experience

For Advertisers

Reach premium client
Captive Environment

Brand Your Own Device

Turn your device into a revenue generating, white-labeled solution. Browse through our ready-made templates to design your very own stylish user interface for riders to explore. We’ll help you take advantage of a highly optimized design to draw riders in and captivate their attention.


Advanced Integration

With the help of a simple yet advanced API, we can actually integrate other services directly with Advixta. Have the power to push ads and pull statistics from our CMS directly to your internal system or dedicated server.


Better Targeting

Take your message directly to your target audience for better performance and an increased return on your investment. Here’s how we’ll do it:

Natural Segmentation

Naturally segment consumers to better identify those with stronger buying power.

Set A Geofence and Trajectory

Apply a geofence with a radius up to 10 km and your advertising will play only when the car is in range.

Groups and Demographics

Segment groups into classifications like Basic, Luxury, Family, etc. to target specific groups of consumers.

Programmatic Advertising

Do you already engage in online advertising? If you recognize the potential of in-car advertising and want to explore the possibilities, join our community. Connect your programmatic ad servers directly to our software, push ads, and measure performance right from your own server.

SSP Integration
Google Ad Manager

Integrated User Profiles

Ride-hailing apps have become a global phenomenon. Work with the Advixta to securely integrate user profiles from your app to the Advixta content management system. When riders request a ride, we’ll tailor ads by pulling
user profile information like age, gender, and destination for better ad targeting.

Destination Ads
Interest Profile
Profile Match

Realtime Ad Performance

How would you like to follow and share your ad’s performance in real-time? Quickly improve your strategy on the go with Advixta. Create customized reports and share a direct link with clients for immediate feedback and automation.

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