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Versatile and Powerful Market Segmenting

Visualizing your target audience is only half the battle. Take this opportunity to reach a mid-high level of audience with an amazing buying power. Research shows that the spending habits of ride-sharing users and taxi riders are some of the most high of all audience segments. Leverage the power of in-car advertising to display your message to an audience ready to engage.

Mid-High Level Audience
Naturally Segmented

Engage in an Interactive and Advanced In-Ride Advertising Strategy

Our goal is to both entertain passengers while delivering advertisers a highly targeted approach to penetrating their market. By offering a versatile and flexible platform, Advixta provides the ability to deliver different formats like video ads, banners, interactive ads, gaming ads and much more. Find an ROI you can get behind by offering riders an interactive way to engage with your message around entertainment options they want to see. With such interactivity provided to riders, advertisers can take advantage of incredible reports and feedback to understand the effectiveness of your ads.

High ROI

An Average Of 15-20 Minutes Dwell Time

When it comes to in-car advertising, you’ll get a full 15-20 minutes of dwell time. This is what separates our solution from other media types. With most rides taking between 15-20 minutes, you get to repeatedly expose your message to riders not once, but upwards of 3 times per ride.

High Dwell Time
High Recall Rate
High Focus

In-Car Advertising Has A Competitive Edge

With all of its perks, it’s no wonder why in-car advertising is a favorite among a wide range of advertisers. Some of the reasons why you want to get started on this type of advertising are as followed:

Captive Audience

Passengers spend an average of 20 minutes in taxis being idle.

Uncluttered Perspective

Quiet and private space keeps viewers focus on your campaigns.

Strong ROI

Advertisers get detailed viewer count and playback reports.

Dynamic Ad Formats

This ultra-innovative advertising medium gives 98.5% of riders something other to do than look out the window.

Recall Rate

The taxi commercial recall rate is 40% – 50% vs average TV commercial recall of only 8% – 12%.

High Value

You are guaranteed a 99.9% higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising.

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